Vors Nartella

NE Vivisectionist/Rogue


Vors Nartella was born into a wealthy merchant family of Andoran. Mostly spared by the revolution, they still maintained holdings throughout the kingdom. After his early schooling, Vors was sent to the university in Almas to study economics, and prepare him for a place in the family business. Despite high marks, he quickly lost interest in the such studies, and was drawn more to chemistry and medicine. This did not set well with his family, who reduced his allowances to a mere pittance which barely covered the cost of the school. Determined to continue his studies, Vors paid his own way, working as a baker, a mortician and even a midwife in the assistance of one of his instructors.

As Vors completed his studies, he was contemplating whether he would return home, or establish a practice in the capital. It was then that disaster struck. Unbeknownst to Vors, his older brother Menas had been conducting illegal trade with Cheliax, using the enormous profits to bolster his position. When evidence of this was discovered by less prosperous merchant groups, they were quick to air it, added every embellishment and detail they could devise to bring down Vors’ family. Spices and trade goods suddenly became weapons and slaves in the gossip that surrounded the family. Seemingly overnight, Vors was labelled a diabolist, and a vivisectionist who’s patients were actually unknowing victims of his experimentation. As the guard, and the mob, came for him, Vors fled the capital.

With the assistance of an instructor who had favoured him, he was able to secure quiet passage east on a freighter. Approaching his family’s estate on Star Bay, he found it partially burnt down, with looters still picking over the premises. A bystander recognized Vors even through his simple disguise, and Vors was on the run again. Continuing east to Taldor, he has worked his way as a physician and chemist.

And always seemingly just one step ahead of the allegations and rumor that forced his exile. Unable to stay in one place for very long, Vors has been constantly on the move, making his way and attempting discreet inquiries to learn of his family’s fate. Through Taldor and Galt, then the lawless River Kingdoms. Four years on, Vors finds himself now in Brevoy, tending to mercenary groups recently returned from the Crusades in Mendev…

Vors Nartella

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